dish1Vegetarian friendly places

Greater Bay Area

Tried and tasted!

NameLocationCuisine *sNotes
Garden FreshMountain View, Palo AltoVegan**
Blossom VeganPleasantonVegan, mainly Vietnamese**Many great dishes - lemongrass tofu is one of our favorites.
Bangalore CafeSanta ClaraVegetarian, Indian Chaat**Mumbai/Bombay style Chaat (street food), South Indian snacks, homemade ice cream - Real Ice Cream
Green BarnMilpitasVegetarian, International*
Burma SuperstarOakland, San Francisco, AlamedaBurmese**The Oakland location is a bit less crowded but there are still long lines at peak times.
AddisOaklandEthiopian**the Fasolia beans are our favorite
Chatpatta CornerNewarkVegetarian, Indian Chaat**Best Pani Puri in the Bay area
MeritSunnyvaleVegan, Vietnamese**
YiassooCampbell, CupertinoGreek*Vegetarian sandwich is nice
Veggie GrillMountain View, San Jose (Santana Row), Walnut Creek, Corte MaderaVegan**
Thai Idea VegetarianSan Francisco, Foster CityVegetarian, Thai**
Taste of SurtiMilpitasVegetarian, Indian (Gujarati)*One of the few places for Gujarati style Indian food. Undhiyo is good but is only available on some days.
DharmasCapitolaVegetarian, Organic**International cuisine. One of our all time favorites - been around for over 30 years.
The CounterWalnut Creek, Mountain View, Corte Madera, San Jose, San Mateo, Fremont, Palo AltoBurger**They have a great veggie patty and a fantastic choice of toppings
Falafel's Drive-InSan JoseFalafel**Oldest falafel place and still one of the best
Falafel StopSunnyvaleFalafel*Israeli style Middle-eastern food; try the Masabacha
Rangoon RubyPalo AltoBurmese**Good but a bit expensive
Madras CafeSunnyvaleVegetarian, South Indian**Informal ambiance - reminds me of Udipis in Bombay
MilleniumOaklandVegetarian*One of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in the Bay area. A bit pricey. I have not gone there in the last 5 years but it was pretty good whenever I did go earlier.
HerbivoreBerkeley, San FranciscoVegan, International**
Loving HutMilpitas, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Jose, San FranciscoVegan, International**
La CostenaMountain ViewBurrito*One of the better burrito places with lots of choice for toppings and they grill the vegetables.
Banh Mi Ba LeOaklandVietnamese sandwiches**Only a couple of vegetarian options but this is one of the best banh mi places we have found so far.
Angkor BoreiSan FranciscoCambodian*Good choices - Hot and Sour Soup, Fresh Spinach Leaves appetizer,
Ananda FuaraSan FranciscoVegetarian, International**Run by followers of Sri Chinmoy. Has some unusual items for vegetarians like veggie meatloaf.
MandalaySan FranciscoBurmese*
BaaganSan RamonVegan, Sandwich/Wraps/Soup*Cafe, healthy food
Monster PhoOaklandVietnamese**A few vegetarian items - the vegetarian Pho is awesome.
Jay BharatFremontGujarati**Gujarati specialities
Oren's HummusMountain View, Palo Alto, CupertinoIsraeli**Great hummus and a few interesting side dishes
Gracias MadreSan FranciscoMexican - vegan**I have yet to go but it has been recommended by several people I trust.
Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & IzakayaSan FranciscoSushi - vegan**I have yet to go but it has been recommended by several people I trust.
The Butcher's SonBerkeleyVegan deli**Awesome "fake meat" sandwiches and vegan desserts. Roast Beef is good and Canoli is fabulous.
Saturn CafeBerkeley, Santa CruzVegetarian burgers, sandwiches, salads*
LYFE KitchenPalo Alto, CupertinoHealthy - bowls, salads, etc.*Some good vegan options

Places that look promising

NameLocationCuisine *sNotes
Cam HungSunnyvaleVietnamese sandwiches?A couple of vegetarian options; well-rated on Yelp

Central and South America

Colombia, Panama

NameLocationCuisine *sNotes
Loto AzulBogotaVegan**Near Gold Museum
Barebones atmosphere. Limited menu but great food.
Phone: +57 1 2828686
Carrera 5 BIS # 12C-02
AbastoBogota**Few nice veggie dishes.
Cook's Restaurant in Four Points SheratonBogotaMixed**Made good vegetarian items on request.
GirasolesCartagena, Old townVegetarian**Simple place, limited menu varies by day.
AnacordesCartagena, Old townInternational*Vegetarian menu. Good ambiance.
Quero ArepaCartagena, Old townFast food**A lot of good vegetarian options.


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